Roman Numerals Datejust

This Roman Numerals Datejust Rolex is just the right type of watch if you want something that doesn’t say opulence as much as other watches from the same category do. The watch is perfect for everyday attires as well as more elegant clothing options because it doesn’t have that glamour tendency, many Rolex watches seem to have, which might make them a bit inaccessible to the average person. But this is the type of watch you get for someone you don’t know and you can be sure that they will like it because it appeals most ages and tastes.

Steel Roman Numerals Datejust Fake Watch

Although the watch is not necessarily the best watch for collectors because it had the highest number of sales of any Rolex and thus, there were many models made, it is certainly a great buy for personal use. Some people may not know this but the Datejust used to be a sports watch with its waterproof case and the oyster bracelet. However, many consider it to be a dress watch, especially by adding the Jubilee bracelet. With an Oyster bracelet, like the one in our Steel Model with Roman numbers, you can go anywhere with the watch, so it has the perfect balance to be that everyday watch without looking too much for a casual outfit. The watch also comes with Cyclops lens, which enhance the date and make it easier to see; the watch mechanism is very reliable so it makes for a perfect gift. Also, the screw down winding crown and Twinlock system with various embellishments give the watch even more personality so, even though at first look it may seem like a simple watch, you and connoisseurs will know that this watch has a great number of details that set it apart from a simple watch, making it more sophisticated despite the minimal design. The Roman numerals also add to its elegance in a very classy way.

This steel version is an excellent buy not just because it may come cheaper, but also because it’s a lot easier to repair since the spare parts can be easily found. When it comes to its size, the 36 mm size is considered to be perfect and elegant for any wrist, be it large or small and many connoisseurs think that you can’t go wrong with the Steel Roman Numerals Datejust as it is the type of watch you can wear for your entire lifetime.