Rolex Milgauss

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Milgauss is a unique watch that was first introduced in 1956. It started off as an antimagnetic watch designed for workers that had to face powerful electromagnetic fields which would otherwise render a watch useless. The name comes from Latin and it is a combination of two words, mille which means one thousand and gauss which is the unit used to measure a magnetic field; in other worlds, Milgauss means 1,000 gauss and it is the flux density which it can withstand.

Milgauss Watch

As far as design goes, the Milgauss was very similar with the Submariner models made by the same company. It has a big round case and bezel and it comes with a riveted Oyster bracelet. One of its unique features is the lightning bolt seconds hand that was maintained with the new models as well. The older models are now very sought after due to the fact that few were sold during the 60s and 70s and its popularity wasn’t that big. The limited number makes it very valuable and a vintage Rolex Milgauss can now be worth more than $30,000.

The current Milgauss models were presented in 2007 and they maintain the same features as far as design and build go. They have an amagnetic alloy hairspring and a Faraday cage. There are 3 models available, white dial or black dial and the Glace Verte model made to mark its anniversary; the latter also has a green tinted crystal which makes it the only Rolex watch with this feature. All three versions are made from stainless steel which makes them very resistant to damage and they also have the signature lightning bolt seconds hand.

As far as price goes, a Rolex Milgauss will set you back a bit over $6,000 while the Anniversary model is around $6,500. It is a watch very popular amongst people that like science and fashion as it brings the best from the two. The movement is very precise, as are all Rolex watches and the style is quite classic, being a bit bigger than the Rolex Submariner at 41 mm and a weight of 157 grams.

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