Rolex Air King

The Rolex Air-King watch is not just a watch but a classic when it comes to timekeeping devices. The watch is a part of the Oyster collection which was introduced in 1926 as long as the first waterproof wristwatch. Hans Wilsdorf, the man behind Rolex, was not only a watchmaker but also an artist. He wanted to create the perfect watch that was precise but also reliable even in the most extreme conditions. Indeed, he managed to create timepieces that would astonish the world with their flawless mechanisms and elegant design.


The Rolex Air-King comes in two options, a low cost one made of stainless steel and one for those with a bigger budget which is made of white gold and steel. It has a case of 34 mm with a fluted bezel. The moving mechanism is the classic used in most Rolex watches with 31 jewels, self-winding bidirectional through a Perpetual rotor and with an officially certified Swiss chronometer. The newer models include a white gold watch comes with a dial that has a pink-salmon color and the one which is made of stainless steel comes with a blue dial. It has an oyster steel bracelet and it is 100 meter waterproof. It also has a fixed bezel, a silver dial with luminous hands and minute markers around the outer rim.

What makes this watch perfect is not its mechanism or great comfortable feel, although they play a great part, but the fact that it is a classic model that can be worn by anybody. It is perfect for all kinds of outfits and the fact that it is so durable makes it perfect for everyday wear and even while practicing your hobbies, from gardening to mountain climbing. When Hans Wilsdorf wanted to create the perfect watch, he definitely managed to make something so simple but flawless in essence. A watch that will probably remain forever in the history of watch manufacturing and design, not just because of its style but also because of its amazing functions and the power it has to transform any dull outfit into something remarkable.

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