Ladies Rolex Datejust

When you want to go for the classic style, you cannot fail with the Rolex Lady Datejust as it is the perfect combination of original, elegant and modern. Women who prefer to wear high end accessories and look their best will absolutely love the style this watch gives them. This is probably the most popular ladies watch from all Rolex collections.

It comes in various models such as steel, white gold, yellow gold, Everose gold, platinum and other variants that may include diamonds and different precious metal combinations. It has a case of 26mm with a domed bezel. Its precision is given by the flawless mechanical self-winding mechanism with instantaneous date with rapid setting and the bidirectional Perpetual  rotor. The case thickness is of 17 mm and the dial window material is sapphire and it has an analog style. The bracelet is the classic Oysterclasp with Easylink comfort setting that will definitely make wearing it every day easier.

Rolex Ladies Datejust 4

There’s also the Rolex DateJust Lady 31, which is different variant of this watch. It is made with contrasting materials and a special design. It comes in the same metal combinations as the former but the bezel has a case of 31 mm. It is 100 meter waterproof, exactly as the 26mm one and it can easily be worn every day and in any circumstances.

If you need to accessorize an outfit that is meant to be worn in a special occasion, the Rolex DateJust Lady is definitely the perfect option as it can work well with business wear but also formal dresses. The good thing is that it comes in two styles and those who prefer something lighter to wear can choose the smaller diameter while other can enjoy their ostentatious larger diameter design. A beautifully crafted watch such as the Rolex DateJust Lady is the most appropriate gift that a woman can make to herself, an accessory that is well known by its precision but also by its unequal beauty. It is not for those who simply want to show off but for those who enjoy a superior way of living.

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