Jubilee Bracelet DateJust

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust watch is one of the most famous watches when it comes to Rolex and you can surely see why when you encounter it the first time. But first, let’s talk a little about its history. The first Datejust was actually launched in 1945 and it is known to be the first wristwatch that featured a date function; at the time the watch was a bit thicker than others because of that element. It also featured the fluted bezel that is so well known today.

Being the bestselling Rolex model on the market, when you take a look at it, it’s pretty obvious why people love it: the watch has a great medium size with a gentleman model that comes in 36 mm. The watch suffered a few modifications over the years that made it even better; for example, the date change mechanism was recreated and adapted in 1955 to operate instantaneously. In 1970 the watch was again a bit altered because it needed to adapt to modern times. Soon, the collection created for ladies appeared and the watch has remained a constant popular hit.

116231 Jubilee Bracelet DateJust Fake Watch

 The Datejust comes with two variants of bracelets and one of them is the beautiful Jubilee bracelet. The Jubilee bracelet it features has distinct elements that make it one of the favorite types of bracelets, perhaps even one of the reasons why this watch is so popular. The Jubilee features five-piece link design with a very supple and comfortable feel to it. It was especially made for this watch so it looks perfect in this nice combination, giving the watch a sort of royal look that few watches manage to achieve.

Here we have a beautiful and quite special Datejust with the Jubilee Bracelet as it is a good replica of the gold edition watch with a lovely white case and beautiful gold tinted hour markings. The watch is actually a modern touch to the old model, but also with improved functions. The fluted bezel also makes this watch pretty special as it adds a beautiful embellishment to the whole combination of sophisticated elements.

 You will certainly fall in love with this watch at first glance, and even if you wouldn’t know it’s a Rolex, the watch is imposing and manages to make a clear impression with its elegant and well-crafted design.

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