Black and Red DateJust

The Rolex Datejust Steel watch is the epitome of elegance crafted in a modern manner. Whether you are looking for an elegant watch or not, this is surely that type of watch that goes well with most things you wear. It has a classy feel to it without looking old and it looks modern enough to be appreciated by those who are younger. It’s definitely one of the perfect watches along with all models in this collection, but you don’t have to take our word for it, simply look at how popular it has been throughout the ages: it’s one of the best known Rolex watches, it has won several awards and it has become a classic appreciated by both watches aficionados and amateur lovers.

New Datejust Fake Rolex Watch

This lovely watch comes in a simple but eye catching design, with stainless steel metal parts, a chronograph and a dark dial that contrasts beautifully with the whole design. Even if it had been changed since 1945, when the first Datejust was released, the watch still maintains some of the classy characteristics that make it recognizable at first glance: the elegant lines, the unique elements and, of course, the simple but sophisticated design on the dial. For example, the red elements that come within the black and silver tones make a great contrast and manage to balance all the colors and avoid that boring look some monochrome watches have. Also, it features simple hour markings that people usually prefer a lot more, since they look a lot more elegant.  Besides looks, this particular Rolex collection has been recognized high end movement incorporating some of the most interesting watch technologies that have been developed in-house.

The beautiful shine of the bezel, the lovely elements that come within the dial and the striking but simple design make this watch one of the top watches someone should choose if they are planning for a “watch for entire lifetime”. It can also make an excellent goodbye/retirement/birthday present because it’s elegant and looks great on older men too. The oyster, flat three-pieces bracelet is also a nice addition to the design as it’s not too heavy in elements and manages to highlight the best points of the watch in terms of design. So if you are looking for that special watch, chances are that this might be it.

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